Individuals can stay at a retreat hut or a cottage. Small groups or couples can stay at one or both cottages, and larger groups (15-30) can stay at the Inner Light Lodge. If the group (up to 42) is larger than 30, they may use the cottages and huts as needed.

The Inner Light Lodge is a uniquely designed facility with large windows overlooking a sweeping view of rolling hills and meadows. It houses up to 30 people–18 single rooms, 4 double rooms (8 people) and a small meeting space (260 sq. ft.) that can be converted to a bedroom for 4. The simple rooms have excellent soundproofing with a large window in each overlooking the beautiful grounds. Four bathrooms with a total of 8 showers and 10 toilets are a short walk down one of the halls. The central sacred meeting space is hexagonal in shape (1160 sq. ft.) and has continual windows on 3 sides with a 32 foot high tipi-like ceiling coming to an apex with a pyramid-shaped skylight. There is a beautiful dining room and fully equipped commercial kitchen.  Click for information about meals and availability.

Two comfortable cottages, situated near two large ponds, are fully insulated with wall-to-wall carpeting, wood stove, propane heat, and large windows.

The Meadow Cottage has a view of the surrounding hills with sleeping loft, kitchen, and full bath.

The Woods Cottage, nestled protectively within a forest clearing, has two bedrooms, sleeping loft, kitchen and two full baths.

Two retreat huts, which are fully insulated and carpeted, are each equipped with sliding glass doors, deck and outhouse. One has distant views of hills and a pond. The other sits on the lip of one of the ponds.


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