20th Anniversary of Light on the Hill

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20 Years & Many Moments to Remember A Celebration of Light on the Hill 11 June 11 The following chronology in words and pictures can only recall a few significant moments of an ongoing journey that includes many, many people (and countless other beings).  May this collection of images and reflections touch your own memories of Light on … [Read more...]

January 2011 Newsletter

Yellow Truck

Thank you, Benefactors! Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to raise the money to completely pay for the “new” truck and plow. It has already been in use a number of times. Larry just loves it, noting how powerful and efficient it is compared to the old one. I love watching the yellow dynamo moving across the white snow. … [Read more...]

September 2010 Newsletter

Pir Zia

We have a newly formatted website and list-serve. This will help us keep in touch with you more easily!   This summer brought wonderful spiritual leaders to our center, giving the land and surroundings an added spiritual boost. Some of these were Pir Zia of the Sufi Order International (pictured at left), Steve Doolittle of Astara, … [Read more...]

January 2010 LOH Newsletter

Happy New Year and New Decade to Everyone! We are very grateful for all our supporters this past year who built and helped finance the creation of Pathlight Cottage. It made its debut in October and has been a huge success ever since. Thank you all! … [Read more...]

Musings on Birth and Death


This winter I heard of many new babies coming into the world to very loving, secure and supportive parents and to spiritually conscious grandparents. The sheer number of such beings making their appearances at this time under such conditions, made me wonder what this could possibility mean. Are these little ones heralding in a new age … [Read more...]


Although people often complain about the process of getting older, it does offer a benefit that keeps getting more and more valuable with the passing of time - perspective. Perspective , the taking in of the longer view, the bigger picture, the ability to make sense of a certain set of elements, gains clarity and occurs more frequently as we … [Read more...]

Spirituality and Money

Recently, within the span of a few days, several individuals mentioned their struggle with lack of money and wondered if I had any insights into how to deal with this problem. Quite a bit has been written on this subject and I draw my remarks somewhat from these sources but most particularly from my own personal experiences. Three basic principles … [Read more...]

Spiritual Lessons in Caring for the Elderly

Last February, a fall and the subsequent onset of dementia in Larry's mother has given us, in addition to sadness and stress, some spiritual lessons to ponder. I noticed that many of Larry's mom's core qualities were still present despite the loss of much cognitive awareness. What she valued in her life was still present. Her kindness towards … [Read more...]

On Becoming an Elder

This year has been a time for me to reflect on what it means to be an elder. I like the term better than crone which gives me images of the Wicked Witch of the West, wart-nosed and all. I know crone means crown and wise woman, but my childhood programming is too strong for me to be happy with the term. I don't feel like a wise woman, the … [Read more...]

Turning the Page

Greetings to all from the deeps of January. One year has finished and another begun anew. One more chapter has closed and a new one lies before us waiting to be written. For a change, most of us are having hardly any trouble letting go of the year just past. We make our way a bit more swiftly and surely across this year's threshold. We … [Read more...]