There is a deep longing in us for greater fulfillment, aliveness, authenticity, and love. We frantically seek to fulfill this longing outside ourselves. Yet its fulfillment lies deep within—the hidden treasure or divine Self.

This process of finding the hidden treasure (the pearl of great price) has taken many forms throughout the ages in the spiritual and wisdom traditions. It involves bringing to awareness those ego defenses, mental programming, fixed beliefs, and energetic blocks which hide the true Self.

Such a process requires courage, commitment, and discipline. The awareness of our illusions and the consciousness of our divine Self creates personal and transpersonal transformation.


  • It’s a physical process.
  • It’s an energetic process
  • It’s a psychological process.
  • It’s a spiritual process.


Every part of you is invited to open up to the Light within. The opening brings healing and leads us to the treasure.



To find out more about this program, you are welcome to attend one of the informational evenings during the summer (2015 dates to be announced soon). This will also give you an opportunity to meet the teachers, former students, and potential new classmates. Click here for details.


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