“Hidden Treasure is a profoundly moving program. Each session brings an unfolding, an opening, a subtle movement closer to the core of who I am. It allows me to be open and honest, has helped me to learn acceptance of myself and others, and has given me the opportunity to be with others who are walking the same path. Hidden Treasure has allowed me to live in my personal truth and not be afraid of who I am”
-Sara Delafield

“The experience of mutual acceptance, care, and support that grows within the group through shared pasts and shared `presence`…has been incredibly moving and beneficial.”
-Dean Everitt

“This program has opened doors for me that I did not even know existed and has placed me upon a wonderful new road to discovery.”
-Sheri Herendeen

“For anyone who feels ready to begin or continue on a meaningful life journey…this program will hold a special place where one is enabled to take the necessary steps to find that true golden light that resides in the truth of each and every one of us.”
-Sue Rowe

“Even though I’m not a person who likes to speak a lot in a group, the group process was so masterfully managed that I felt I could be myself and learn from other people who are more extroverted.  After three years I feel that I’ve made peace with the complexities of being human.”
-Jacqueline Bonner

“We all have things about ourselves that we would like to shift, let go of, forgive, or awaken.  Hidden Treasure is a program that gives us specific tools for this personal transformation.”
-Rebecca Dolch

“This program has been truly life-changing for me. Not only did it help me understand myself and learn how to move on after major life shifts, but it also broadened and deepened my view of God, of The Divine. And of course there are the dear friends I made.”
-Debby Wells-Clinton


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