Individual Food Costs

Food cost for individual retreatants is $30 per day (dinner served with fixings for breakfast and lunch).

Group Food Costs

At Inner Light: Meal cost is $40/person per day for three served meals. Breakfast is $10, Lunch and Dinner are $15 each. We will calculate individual meals when a group does not have a full days worth of meals, e.g. leaves after lunch on final day. All participants must pay for all the meals slated for that retreat. If a group makes allowances for commuters, and if Light on the Hill provides lunch for the group, commuters must pay $15 for lunch. A group that does not have meals provided by Light on the Hill staff must pay a kitchen-use fee of $50 per day.

At Cottages and the Huts: The cost is the same for groups as for individuals. Dinner is served with fixings for other two meals ($30/person per day). See grid below to find out total cost for the different types of individual and group retreats.

Lodging Costs

The Inner Light Lodge is $55/person per night. There is a 15 person minimum requirement to rent the lodge. If your group has fewer than this number, then the fee per day will be the same as for 15 people (i.e., $825). There is no charge for accommodations for the workshop leader or one of the workshop leaders, but there is the usual fee for meals. Day use (weekdays only) is $30 per person.

A $500 deposit is required to reserve Inner Light Lodge. If a reservation is cancelled more than 6 months before the event, a full refund will be issued, less a $50 processing fee. A partial refund (of $250) will be issued for cancellations made 4 to 6 months before the event.  No refund will be made if a reservation is cancelled less than 4 months prior to the event. If a group cancels 2 months or less prior to the event, an additional $250 cancellation fee is required.

The Cottages for one person cost $65/person per 24 hours, for two is $50 each per 24 hours and three or more is $40 each per 24 hours. An additional fee will be charged for staying longer than your reserved time. A deposit of $50 is required to secure your reservation. The deposit will be returned on cancellations more than one week before the retreat date.


Individual Retreat Costs

Cottages/per 24 hrs. Retreat Huts/per 24 hrs.
Without Meals $65 $35
With Meals $95 $65
Guided Retreat with Meals $115 $85
Healing Retreat with Meals $135 $105


Group retreat costs


Cottages/per 24 hrs. Inner Light Lodge/per night
Without Meals $50/person for 2
$40/person for 3 or more
($825 minimum)
With Meals 1 served meal, fixings for other two ($30/person) 3 served meals ($40/person)


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