Individual Retreats

Our cottages and huts are ideal for self-reflection and a deepening of one’s spiritual life. You may choose a guided or healing retreat or simply be on your own. We can provide your meals or you may bring your own food.

Self Guided Individual Retreats are for those who want to structure their own time. Some nurture themselves by walking in nature, sleeping, meditating, journal writing, reflecting, and walking the labyrinth. Others with training in a particular meditative tradition use this time to deepen their practice. Creative writing, drawing, playing music or working with dreams — the possibilities abound.

Partially Guided Individual Retreats are for those who basically want to be on their own but would also like to be given some meditative practices, music and/or inspirational tapes to keep their attunement on a spiritual level. These are selected by the guide in accord with the intent of the retreat. The guide is available for consultation as needed.

Guided Individual Retreats are more structured and intensive. The guide meets with the retreatant twice a day and suggests practices, prayers and tapes which bring the retreatant through a six-stage process of detachment, union and return. This deeply transformative process can be geared to a person of any faith or to one who does not feel a part of any tradition but wishes to deepen his/her spiritual life. There is a 3-day minimum stay for this retreat.

Healing Retreats are for those seeking healing on a physical, psychological, or spiritual level. Each morning the retreatant receives a 90-minute counseling/healing session. The session may consist of straightforward counseling, dream work, guided imagery, or movement exercises, depending on what modality best serves the retreatant. The retreatant then has time for resting, walking, listening to relevant tapes, or doing some simple practices that help integrate the benefits of the healing work. Because the retreatant does not return home, old patterns are not reinforced and the new energetic shifts have time to gel. The buildup of consecutive daily sessions is very powerful.  Healing retreats focus on healing of life issues and psychological work, while guided retreats focus more on spiritual development.

Alice (the guide) describes the process: “It’s hard to put into words what I do because I take the cues from the client. I see myself as a mid-wife, knowing that the client has the answers within. I listen to what they are saying and to what my guidance is also saying. Clients often get to a place of connection with their deepest self — a place of peace and insight. I do this by having them be present to their bodily sensations, images, or emotions to access this deeper reality. I see what defense structures they have and may give energetic exercises to help soften them. It all depends on what is surfacing within that person.”

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